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Kingdom Harvest Christian Center
Liberty Grace Church

Everyone Is Welcome

For eleven years, Kingdom Harvest Christian Center (KHCC) has been a place where persons from various backgrounds can come together and establish healthy relationships with people and Jesus Christ. Since its founding in 2005, the ministry has operated from the principle of love as an action that not only God exhibits but those who call themselves Christians must exhibit as well. The result of this concept is a ministry that embraces the differences of people while focusing on our similarity of loving God and aspiring to have better lives here on earth.

After eleven years of ministering both within the walls of the church and outside of the church building, our ministry is expanding and its reach has been extended. On Sunday, April 3rd 2016, Kingdom Harvest Christian Center moved to a new worship facility located at 3400 Copley Road in Baltimore. In addition to a new worship location, the kingdom dwellers of KHCC merged with the people of grace at the Liberty Grace Church and the two churches  are now one. We are also experiencing a name change to Liberty Grace Church and have become one family pursuing the common principles of faith, family, and impacting the world in which we live.

On Sunday, April 17th Pastor, Charles A. Hall, Jr., was installed as pastor of these people of faith and to integrate the leadership and members of these two families of faith into one. We invite you to join us as we celebrate God bringing us together and enlarging our territory of influence as well as our ability to serve and minister to our community.

We solicit your prayers as we get better together and look forward to serving you from the place of Grace!